Presidents of Waratahs
by Peter Langston

1971-73    Graham Johnson
1973-75    Ian Campbell
1975-76    Merv Philp
                Ian Davies
1977-78    Graham Johnson
1978-80    Terry Betts
1980-82    Tony Bennett
1982-84    Graham Patterson
1984-87    Peter Langston
1987-88    Brian Rhodes
1988-91    Andrew Davis
                Albert Hofkamp
1991-92    James Campbell
                Chris Duncan
1992-94    Roger Roan
1994-95    Graham Patterson
1995-96    Andrew Willis

Waratahs Home Grounds

Late 1950's to 1970-71      Lambert Park (formerly West Armidale Park)
1971-72 to 1980-81          Harris Park
1981-82 to 1993-94          Rologas Field (formerly Wicklow Oval)
1994-95 to 2001               no home ground

Watering Holes

Before 1973-74      The Caledonian (Beady St, where Sam's Warehouse is now)
From 1973-74        Armidale City Bowling Club
From 1981-82        Wicklow Hotel
From 1983-84        Tattersalls Hotel
From 1990-91        Wicklow Hotel

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