Grade Records & Stats

The grade records which these links will take you to, are about 30% based on the records which were recovered in the early 1970's and added to as new landmarks were achieved and then recorded in the Yearbooks. The other 70% have risen from research undertaken from 2004 to 2006 at Dixon Library at UNE, retrieving scores from the files of the Armidale Express, which have enhanced individual player records, so that some partnership records have been pre-dated and many more batting and bowling performances added. Importantly, there is are now scoresheets for about 85% of all matches played. To these have been added career performances for the grade in batting, bowling and fielding and a few new categories, such as ten wickets in a match, hat tricks, catches in an innings etc.

It's not perfect and doesn't claim to be. It's aim is to aid the warm process of memory.

(As A grade 1950/51 to 1980/81)
(As 1st grade 1981/82 to 1993/94; 1996/97 to 1997/98)
A/1st Grade Player Stats

(As A-Res grade: 1950/51; 1959/60 to 1980/81)
(As 2nd grade 1981/82 to 1990/91; 1992/93 to 1995/96)
A-Reserve/2nd Grade Player Stats

(1981/82 to 1991/92; 1995/96 to 1997/98; 1999-2000)
3rd Grade Player Stats

(As B grade 1956/57 to 1964/65; 1972/73 to 1980/81)
(As 4th grade 1981/82 to 1982/83; 1985/86 to 1994/95; 1996/97 to 1998/99)
B/4th Grade Player Stats

(1986/87 to 1989/90; 1991/92 to 1992/93; 1994/95 to 1995/96)
5th Grade Player Stats