These pages are set here, for all comers, to chronicle the existence of the Waratahs Cricket Club which rose in the post war hope of the 1950's, had many brief shining moments until an influx of explosive talent in the 60's made it one of the strong Armidale clubs of the 1970's. Rising on a tide of young, home grown talent and experienced heads, it became one of the dominant clubs of 1980's cricket in the NSW northern tablelands. Alas, it fell far quicker than it rose and the 1990's saw it hemorrhage playing and administrative talent until, exhausted by poor player numbers and with just a few strong souls to prop her up, the books were closed at the end of the 1999-2000 season, only shortly before its 50th birthday. No one noticed. A new merged identity tried hard to survive but two struggling clubs couldn't make one strong one. There was a brief flutter again in the mid naughties but this sleeping dog refused rise.

Waratahs remains alive, despite its burial, in the hearts of those who played for it. It is the hope that this will not just be an archive to be fondled as bodies fail and minds seek reassurance, nor that it become a cross check for interested grand children wondering if the words of a past President, AJ Bennett were true: "you don't ruin a good story with the facts." Therefore, its to be hoped that past players or their wives or their children might like to drop in and leave their stories so that columns of numbers are not the only things which make these names - many forgotten - memorable. Tell us those stories which have been shared often: sometimes at the bar or around a BBQ or sadly, when one of the names contained here-in has been put to rest and blokes have shuffled feet until the story telling started. Brief or long, please pass on their legacy.

Where possible, every effort has been made to be accurate but what we have here isn't set in stone and the site will always be open to correction and improvement. This is an archive of known information . It doesn't try to be a be all and end all statement of Waratahs Cricket Club. Therefore, more information would be hungrily consumed and readily added to these pages. Contact details at the bottom right of the page will show you how to get in touch.

Enjoy your tour and make contact. After all, at its highest point, Waratahs was the best club in Armidale and the envy of all but Easts, our greatest rival and often our best friends. We weren't the best because we won premierships or because we had the best players, even though we had plenty of both. Waratahs was the best but because we understood we were family. You look after family.